Executive Team

Jim Lamb

Office: 781-596-8500


Jim has been in the auction business since 1971, working actively as an auctioneer. He is a graduate of Reppert School of Auctioneering, one of the most renowned auction schools in the country. He has conducted government auctions, real estate auctions, personal property auctions and was one of the premier auctioneers in the auto auction industry throughout the country.

At the helm of America's Auto Auction Boston, Jim instills a strong commitment to the sellers and buyers who come to AAA-Boston each week. Focused on continually improving the auction experience, Jim has been instrumental in shaping AAA-Boston state-of-the-art facility.  A belief in "doing business the right way" applies in every aspect of how AAA-Boston conducts its business. Customer service permeates the organization at every level including our management team's choice to be on the auction floor each and every auction.


Richard Delfino

General Manager
Office: 781-596-8500

Richard Delfino has been in the auction business for 22 years. As an early auction coordinator, Richard met Jim Lamb and they have been together since. Richard was a graduate of the Reppert School of Auctioneering in 1996. Richard's from-the-ground-up education in auction house operations has served America's Auto Auction Boston well.

Richard is responsible for all facility operations including all yard and inventory management procedures, security, and auction preparedness. Instrumental in coordinating the development of the new facility, he also has played a major role in the development of the AAA-Boston brand throughout the years.

Richard is a key figure on the auction floor addressing all issues and offering seasoned solutions to staff, auctioneers and to buyers and sellers.


George Russo

Office: 781-596-8500

George has been in the auction industry since 1986, working actively as an auctioneer.  He is also a graduate of Reppert School of Auctioneering. He has conducted government, real estate, personal, and auto auctions throughout the country.

George's strong suite has always been financial management and investment.  His contribution to the longevity and sustainable business growth of AAA-Boston over the years has been significant. As young auctioneers, Jim Lamb and George teamed up to launch a commercial auctioneer company while developing what George calls "a better mouse trap" for the automotive remarketing industry.  One of George's early milestones came when he and Jim had established Lynnway AUto Auction as a sustainable, profitable and growth oriented company.


Corrin Jackson

Office: 781-596-8500








Sales Team

Dana Duchak

Dealer Representative
Cell: 978-337-7762

Dana has owned and operated multiple used car dealerships for over 35 years. Prior to that, Dana was a Sales Manager for an engineering firm.

He has also been a remarketing buyer for some of the largest new dealerships in New England. Dana has bought and sold thousands of cars throughout his career. With his vast experience in the automotive industry, Dana has the ability to manage the sales team and relate directly with Lynnway sellers and buyers.

With his ability to make things happen on and off the auction floor, Dana works diligently to provide the best opportunities for Lynnway's new and long-lasting partnerships with dealers.

Dana was recently selected to the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Auto Dealers Association to work for the betterment of the auto industry.

Ed Laborio

Dealer Relations
Cell: 781-858-2682

Ed has been in the auto industry for 42 years.

For 31 years, Ed worked for General Motors. He held numerous executive and management positions while working in a number of GM offices in multiple states.

For the past 11 years Ed has been a team member of Lynnway. As Director of Dealer Relations his job involves all aspects of building solid relationships and communications with dealers and the auction. Ed is also very active with National Auction Groups. He is presently an active national board member of the NAAA and represents the Eastern part of the country.

Ed played professional baseball as a pitcher for six years in the Detroit Tiger organization. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Army and a graduate of Roger Williams College. Ed grew up in Rhode Island. He has 2 children and one grandchild.

C.J. Fitzwater

Consignment Dealer Representative
Cell: 781-953-5596

C.J. has been in the auto industry for 20 years.

Nine of those early years were spent working for new car dealer AutoFair in a variety of career growth oriented roles. Roles including running service and reconditioning departments, conducting cars sales—all contributing to the role of Used Car Manager. C.J.s career evolution included being closely involved with on-site car auctions. That is how he met Jim Lamb and began working for Lynnway.

As VP of Consignment Sales, C.J. reps for some of the largest and tenured dealers here at Lynnway. C.J. is very active with dealer association groups including NHADA and MIADA. He is known for and very committed to spending time with his customers.

C.J. is a father of four children and is actively involved with high school wrestling and family activities.

Mike Audet

Dealer Representative
Cell: 603-848-4458

Starting his 26 year automotive career at Bank Chevrolet, Mike grew into the role of Used Car Manager and ran vehicles at auction when Lynnway was based in Lynn.

Mike is well known with new and used car dealers throughout New Hampshire and has some great long term customers.

As a typical NH guy, he is an avid boater, skier and snowmobiler. Mike is also extremely knowledgeable with Rock & Roll trivia. If you have a chance, test his knowledge. Mike is married and has one son. He resides in Concord, NH.





Angelica Rotsart Hughes

Dealer Representative
Cell: 781-727-2063

Jelly, as she is more commonly known at the auction, completed 2 years at Northeastern University before deciding to commit to the family business.

Jelly's understanding of the auction business started when she was just 10 years old. She started helping with on-site auctions for Jim Lamb Auto Auctions. At 13, she started working every summer at Lynnway with many different job responsibilities. With all her experience over the years, Jelly plays a key role on the Sales team and is recognized by her customers for her auction expertise.

Noted for being the first girl in Massachusetts to play High School Boy's Baseball, she applies the same tenacity, sportsmanship and comradery to her work and play.

Jelly loves to travel and attend rock concerts. She has an incredible record collection and she also has a passion for boating and snowboarding.

Harley Bragg

Dealer Representative Fleet Lease
Cell: 978-729-0871

Harley is home grown at Lynnway Auto Auction. Coming from a sales career path six years ago, Harley worked as a Block Clerk and as part of the full-time Lot Staff. He knows all the ins-and-outs at Lynnway from the pavement to the sales office. Harley also works closely with Joe Sordillo on If-bids on Wednesdays and was the first to implement text notifications for If-bids.

Harley’s salesman nature and big personality stepped up to the plate for Lynnway. Harley launched the Dynamite Dealers Double (D) lane run to accommodate the needs of small dealerships. The attention and unity Harley brought to these selling dealers running 2 to 6 cars gained instant recognition and strong sales to these dealers in need of representation.

On the outside, while raising 4 teenagers, Harley takes time to be involved and coach his children’s sports programs. He also takes an enormous amount of pride being involved with youth mentoring programs in his city.  

“Harley has made a major impact on our sales team since joining us last year,” says Dana Duchak, Sales Director. “He has built a strong rapport and trustworthy relationship with these dealers which has benefited their selling opportunities immensely,” Dana concluded. 

Gyna Santana

Dealer Representative
Cell: 978-390-0367

Gyna is our newest sales representative because...she has totally earned it! She started out as lot crew when the auction moved to North Billerica in 2012. Then, she joined the marketing team, directly interacting with buying and selling dealers. Her ability to speak Spanish has played a vital role working with customers.

Because of Gyna’s vibrant personality and her ability to juggle many tasks, she became a sales assistant managing the internal logistics for other sales reps. As her knowledge grew and her customer relations excelled, Gyna became the right fit to support selling dealers who she closely worked with. In fact, several selling dealers who love working with Gyna highly recommended she take on the day-to-day role as their representative. Both staff members and customers are very happy for Gyna to take on this role.

Gyna is a mother of two boys, Juan Carlos and Josiah, who she adores. Gyna shows the same tenacity and enthusiasm outside of work playing all recreational sports. She loves following major sports teams however, we all chide her for being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. She also loves celebrating with family in true dominican style.  

Greg Ohannesian

Dealer Relations
Cell: 508.451.9866

Greg is a used car guy—he was his own boss! Greg had his own used car dealership for many years and had been buying cars at auction for over 35 years. Greg started out as a lot boy in 1972 which launched his automotive career. He moved on to work wholesale for United Chevrolet in Worcester. From there, Greg launched his first successful company installing whitewalls. This business propelled him to start Greg’s Auto Sales from 1984 until 1998.

He then went on to be a buyer for Westborough Auto Exchange for over 15 years. Greg is probably familiar to most of you for the many years he has stood in the auction lanes along side of you. Greg’s Lynnway efforts are strictly to share his automotive experience with smaller dealerships. His hopes are to help improve business practices and share how dealers can use the auction to their advantage while creating profitable success.

Greg has been happily married for over 36 years to a teacher with two older sons who are also teachers. One of Greg’s favorite destinations is Atlantic City where he frequently gets his rooms comped. He says he spends more time away from the gambling tables to people watch on the boardwalk. Sure he does...haha.


Anna Fontaine

Dealer Representative
Cell: 603.370.7603


Growing up, I spent summers at my Grandfather’s autobody shop. I was fascinated watching him make the imperfect, perfect. You could say it was in those early years that I became hooked on cars. Fresh out of school, I was offered a job selling Volvos. I loved every moment and every lesson, well except snow removal.”

It was around that time that I met my husband. We were married and started planning for a family. I left the dealership and started working part time at a local independent auto auction. The management noticed my attention to detail, my love for the customers, and my dedication for following through each task that came my way. I returned to work after the birth of our first daughter. I was hired as the new dealer representative. Everything grew from there.

My love for auctions, for cars, for dealerships: large, small, new, and used. My family even grew! We welcomed a second daughter in March of 2016. When I’m not busy arranging for vehicle transportation, vehicle reconditioning, and selling vehicles at auction, I am teaching dance lessons and tending to my six chickens and my vegetable gardens at my home in NH.

Dave Regan

Dealer Representative Fleet Lease
Cell: 978.495.1337


Sixteen is when Dave Regan started selling cars. He worked at a gas station across the street from the Rockingham, NH racetrack when he asked the owner of the gas station if he could sell a few cars from the lot. Dave says he sold more $50 cars back then than you can even imagine. Some cars being those left behind by racetrack attendees. Officially, he had a dealer’s license at age eighteen. Dave was introduced to Concord Auto Auction to sell cars around that time and surprisingly, Jim Lamb was his auctioneer.

After that, Dave worked as a line tech for various Ford dealerships and a stint with Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. Moving on to Tom Manzi Dodge in the late 70s, he stayed for 24 years as VP. As a key sales rep. re-marketing vehicles for an auto auction, Dave spent 17 years developing his dealer base where he was clearly recognized by his dealers as a customer service superstar.

Dave was also the former President of the New England Independent Auto Dealers Association (NEIADA) where he has surely served the auto industry well over the years. Dave is an avid golfer, and lives on a golf course. Married for 39 years, Dave has one 33 year old daughter. With this level of experience why wouldn’t you want Dave as your re-marketing rep. However, he does not sell $50 cars anymore.


Anthony Rotsart

Fleet Lease
Office: 978-330-3060


Joe Russo

CTO, Business Dev., Online Services
Office: 978-330-3059


Ray Levesque

Marketing & Design
Office: 978-330-3076


Tiffany Rowe ESQ

Office: 978-330-3056


Gino Romani

Office: 978-330-3083



Robert Marshall

Safety Coordinator
Cell: 978-201-4625



Titles Team



Linda Varano

Titles Manager
Office: 978-330-3087






Accounting Team


Angela DiFrancesco

Floor Plan &
Account Receivables
Office: 978-330-3093







VIP Customer Service Representatives

Gyna Santana

Customer Service Representative & Dealer Representative
Direct: 978-330-3079

Gyna is a genuinely kind, caring and joyous person. With a big heart, she assists dealers with their business at Lynnway. They appreciate it immensely. Gyna makes lots of phone calls during the week to many dealers. She checks to see how their first time experience was. She  thanks dealers for their business each week and finds out what vehicles they are interested in. Developing custom runlists for dealers is her specialty. And, if you haven’t been to Lynnway yet, she’ll offer you a big welcome while insisting that you experience Lynnway's hospitality, great inventory selections and world-class service.

Gyna is bilingual which is a huge benefit to our Spanish speaking dealers. They truly appreciate her assistance and ability to translate their needs to other Lynnway staff. Gyna actually started at Lynnway 5 years ago as a driver and lot person, so her experience is from the pavement up. Gyna’s knowledge and experience is a huge plus for dealers and her big personality is surely a bonus.

Coming from the Dominican Republic as a child, Gyna grew up and was schooled in the U.S. She has a son named Juan Carlos whom she totally adores and she especially loves family celebrations with lots of great Dominican food.